About us

"Hayern Aysor" news platform is subordinate to the Diaspora Department of the "Center of Public Relations and Information" of the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia. It provides extensive, comprehensive and objective information in four languages about important events in Armenia, relations and initiatives of the Motherland and Diaspora, repatriation and Diaspora-related topics. Our goal is to become a pan-Armenian media platform that will represent Armenia and the Diaspora at the same level.


    Lucy Vana Garabedian

  • Head of Department

    Vitali Grigorian

  • Deputy Head of Department

    Anahit Khalatian

  • Specialist in Cooperation Development Programs and Monitoring

    Sona Grigoryan

  • Editor

    Syuzi Muradian

  • Reporter

    Arpi Mayilyan

  • Reporter

    Avedis Aposhian

  • Traslator (Western Armenian)

    Emin Poghosyan

  • Translator (Russian, English)

    Arpi Torosian

  • Video Editor

    Gevorg Mikayelian

  • Cameraman