Hrayr Hovakimyan is the first Armenian doctor to be awarded the rank of national hero


At first he felt uncomfortable, then worried. Hrayr Hovakimyan is the first Armenian doctor to be awarded the title of national hero. In the 90s, the most complex heart surgeries were performed under his leadership for the first time in Armenia.

After independence, when I visited Armenia I had the idea to transport children from Armenia to America for surgery. When I saw that many children needed surgery, I thought that I needed to implement this program”,- said Hrayr Hovakimyan in an interview with “Hayern Aysor”.

To implement his plan, Hrayr Hovakimyan decided to open a department of cardiovascular surgery in Nork-Marash hospital. It had to be equipped with new equipment. He organized all this with the help of his colleagues whom Hrayr Hovakimyan calls madmen.

The fact that I met 6-7 "madmen" played an important role. These were my colleagues who dreamed of carrying out such surgeries in Armenia like me, despite the fact that those were hard times”,- he said.

Hrayr Hovakimyan lives in the United States and is a leading cardiac surgeon at Portland Hospital. He keeps in touch with the Motherland. The doctor comes to Armenia every year and performs the most complex heart surgeries.

You need to love your profession both technically and socially. Communicate with patients, their relatives, inform about both good and bad news”,- added the doctor at the end.

The national hero-doctor is one of the ten best cardiac surgeons in the world. Hrayr Hovakimyan plans to come to Armenia this year and, possibly, stay for a long time.