Education in Armenia


Citizens of the Republic of Armenia, including those with dual citizenship, residency status, and foreign nationals living in Armenia can obtain secondary and higher education in Armenia.

Secondary education in the Republic of Armenia.

General secondary education in state educational institutions is free of charge in the Republic of Armenia. There are schools where one can study English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Greek, Chinese and other languages.

The process of enrolling and required documents.

The process of enrolling a student in a public school is quite easy, you just need to visit the appropriate school with the following documents:

1. Original and copy of the student’s passport or birth certificate.

2. Proof of address where the student is registered.

3. The student’s personal file from the previous school if they will be enrolling in 2nd grade or higher.

4. An official transcript detailing the courses taken and grades received for each course if the student will be enrolling in 2nd grade or higher. Additionally, If the student is enrolling mid academic year, please make sure to bring a document detailing courses they’ve left incomplete.

5. The original certificate for completing basic education for students enrolling in grades 10 to 12.

6. Two 3x4 cm colored photos.

7. Student’s medical records, including immunization records (this is not required but may be asked for).

8. A completed application form with the principal’s name mentioned.

It is important to remember that documents in foreign languages must be translated into Armenian and certified by a notary.

Higher education in the Republic of Armenia.

There are different types of higher education institutions in the Republic of Armenia: university, institutes, academies, and conservatories.

Acceptance to institutions of higher education is possible for foreign nationals who have completed secondary education which is equivalent to the Republic of Armenia standards on secondary education.

Foreign nationals who are not proficient in the Armenian language will be enrolled into preparatory departments of higher education institutes for one year, where they will study the Armenian language, as well as become familiar with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.