Church of St. Sahak-Mesrop in Cologne


Armenian-German relations have a long history. Some great Armenians like Levon Shant, Avetik Isahakyan, artists Hakob Kojoyan, Vardges Surenyants and others studied at German educational institutions where there are many centers of Armenian studies.

The influx of Armenians into Germany became especially active during the years of the Armenian Genocide and after, until the 1990’s. The Armenians of Germany have succeeded in various spheres, working as scientists, builders, traders, etc. Today, about 50-60 thousand Armenians live in Germany. There are Armenian schools, media, public and charitable organizations. The Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Germany was founded in 1991 in Cologne, the most Armenian-populated city in the country. Under its auspices, there are 14 church communities scattered across major cities.

One of the few churches in the country is the Church of St. Sahak-Mesrop in Cologne. In Germany, there are no church buildings built by Armenians, and the existing ones were given to the Armenian Diocese for long-term and free use. In the building of the Church of St. Sahak-Mesrop, given to the Armenian Prelacy, there was a German Protestant church, and in January 1999 the Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin I consecrated it in honor of St. Sahak-Mesrop.

Renovating it and completing the interior decoration work later, the representatives of the German Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church tried to create the atmosphere of the Armenian Church.