Armenian Heritage Park


The Armenian Heritage Park is located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The park is a gift from the Armenian community to the residents of Massachusetts and Boston. The official opening ceremony of the Armenian Heritage Park and the Memorial to the Victims of the Armenian Genocide took place on May 22, 2012.

Massachusetts Governor Dual Patrick contributed greatly to the opening of the Armenian Heritage Park. The park was consecrated by Archbishop Khazhak Parsamyan together with Archbishops Oshakan Choloyan and Vigen Haykazyan.

If you are in Boston, make sure to visit this park. The park has a pool, a monument dedicated to immigrants, a stone and grass labyrinth. The park is rich in symbolism. The sculpture installed there is restored every year, symbolizing all those who left their homes and started a new life in this part of Massachusetts. The winding path of the park, covered with grass and stones, symbolizes the journey of life. The eternity sign in the center symbolizes renaissance and hope.