Armenian company Krisp develops noise reduction technology


From America to Armenia in order to found a tech company and develop the homeland. Krisp co-founder and CEO David Baghdasaryan decided to return with his family and settle in Armenia 3 years ago.

՛՛I was born in Yerevan and worked here for 25 years, then I got a job offer from America and went for it; I lived there for about 9 years with my family, my first child was born there. I worked in Silicon Valley. My wife and I worked in technology sphere, so we had a pretty good career and a financially secure life there՛՛,- he said.

It was a tough decision because they were going to leave a successful career and big finances in America; but they realized that for complete happiness they wanted to be surrounded by Armenians and Armenian culture.

‘’I knew that I needed to leave the company I worked for, and in that case a lot of money would be lost. The money was big, but the desire to return was even bigger, so, one might say, we were suffocating there. And in fact, it was one of our best decisions’’,- said David Baghdasaryan.

David had different goals but fate arranged his meeting with his future partner, and together they decided to found the Krisp company which is very popular in Armenia and abroad. The company has a scientific research laboratory that claims to become a world center.

‘’The idea behind Krisp was to create technology that eliminates noise during phone calls using machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. And although we knew a little about that sphere, we were able to create it and gained recognition throughout the world. And I urge everyone not to sit and just wait, nothing happens just like that, we have to start doing something ourselves, and then you are proud of what you did. There is no better feeling’’,-said the company CEO.

David Baghdasaryan is sure that one must live where they can think of not only about a good life, but also about big ideas and their implementation. Krisp was founded as a result of such a big idea and continues to conquer new international markets presenting the technological potential of Armenia to the world.