The potential of the diaspora is used in Armenian IT companies


All that he heard about Armenia from his family and read in books, now he sees with his own eyes. Vahagn Sargsyan was born and raised in Iran but two years ago he moved and settled in Armenia.

՛՛I first came to Armenia in 2000, since then I have been here several times, but not for long. And every time I came, I wanted to move and live here more and more՛՛,- he said.

At first he decided to take a break for a while and, finally, to make his dream of traveling through the cities of Armenia come true but he met the president of the Armenian company Krisp and immediately received a job offer.

‘’I have been doing marketing both in Armenia and Iran for over 10 years. Working for this company is pleasant from two points of view. Firstly, I feel that something is changing in the world because the product is used by millions of people, and I also feel how much it helps the development of our country. People see that it is possible to create large companies known all over the world in Armenia, it inspires them and fills them with hope for a better future’’-said the Marketing Manager of the Armenian company Krisp.

According to Vahagn, if one decides to return to the homeland and choose Armenia as the country of permanent residence, then they must accept their country with all the positive and negative sides.

‘’Being a Diaspora Armenian, the first thing I feel here is the sense of belonging that I can hardly find and feel anywhere else. Although I was born and raised in Iran, I love the country and people, but coming here I feel a greater connection with the country, past and people. I think there is no other better place’’,- said Vahagn Sargsyan.

He missed his Iranian-Armenian community, the lively Armenian life and the friends he left there. Many of them also decided to return to Armenia. Soon they will meet again and make their dream of traveling in Armenia come true together.