"Laboratories for the design and use of UAVs will be created in Armenia and Artsakh." Repatriate Raffi Kassarjian reports


Repatriate Raffi Kassarjian has been living in Armenia for 12 years. In 2008, he decided to return from San Francisco with his wife and two children and continue his career here.

Before my arrival, I had a lot of experience in America, in the IT field, in Silicon Valley; I worked in various well-known companies, I was confident enough and knew what I wanted to do”, - told he.

Raffi heads the Union of Advanced Tech Enterprises of Armenia, which initiated the "Armat" program, within the framework of which engineering laboratories will be created in about 600 schools in Armenia and Artsakh.

Our main goal is to develop the field of advanced technologies in Armenia so that it can play a big role not only in terms of economic development, but also provide new opportunities for current and future generations”, - said Raffi.

After the April War of 2016, and the 44-day War of 2020, the union decided to produce unmanned aerial vehicles for the development of the military industry in Armenia.

We announced the “Armat Odum” program, in The framework of which schoolchildren aged 15-18 will be taught various drone skills”, - told Raffi.

By 2022, the Union of Advanced Tech Enterprises will create 65 laboratories in Armenia and Artsakh. They will teach how to design, assemble and operate unmanned aerial vehicles. About 10 laboratories have already been financed from private sources, they also expect state support.