A virtual bridge between the diaspora and Armenia. Armenian companies will gain international experience


This is the application of the company “3dzook”. Photos uploaded to the application acquire an illustrative look due to special algorithms. If earlier the received orders were drawn and printed by the company's employees, now it is done by artificial intelligence.

We have been developing this algorithm for a year, started applying it and working in the direction of the IT sphere”, - said co-founder of “3dzook” company Agata Badalyan.

After that they took part in the “Armenian Virtual Bridge” program and became one of the winners. The program is being implemented by the Ministry of the High-Tech industry.

 “Implementation is based on scientific ideas, technology, diaspora, Armenia. The goal is to build bridges of science and technology between Armenia and the whole world, from Silicon Valley to Singapore and the Arab countries”, - told Deputy Minister of the High-Tech industry.

15 companies won. They were selected by a commission from Silicon Valley. The requirements for participation in the program were strict and in line with international standards.

We, 7 groups, had questions: how many people are there in a team, how much each participant is involved in the program, and a very important question - what investments will be made in Armenia for economic development after the victory?”, - said assistant to the Minister of the Ministry of the High-Tech industry.

On January 28, the winning companies will present their products to the venture companies of Silicon Valley, investors and specialists from the Armenian diaspora. The approved companies will receive investments. The program will soon allow 45 Armenian entrepreneurs to specialize in Draper University and Silicon Valley.