The Armenian violinist Samvel Yervinyan who performs in the orchestra of the world famous Greek musician Yanni spoke about his years in Armenia


Beloved Yerevan is in his memories. He misses his homeland and compatriots very much. The talented American-Armenian violinist Samvel Yervinyan left the best years of his childhood and youth in Armenia and left for the USA in 2002 pursuing great goals.

It is difficult for every Armenian to leave Armenia, but in terms of music and my career Armenia had become small for me. This was the main reason for my departure, and the time proved that I made the right choice” - Samvel said.

Relatives have felt Samvel's love for music since childhood. At the age of 3 he was already singing, and after a few years he began to play the piano and violin.

They wanted me to play the piano. I entered the music school after Spendiaryan but to the string department, which was strange because the grades for the violin were expected to be lower than those for the piano, since the violin is a harder instrument to play. Anyway, my parents agreed with the condition that after a year of studying to play violin, I would transfer to the piano department” - said the violinist.

For Samvel Yervinyan, it was a fatal decision because that was how the future path of the famous musician was predetermined. He chose the violin and tied himself to music forever.

I was lucky that my first teacher was Armen Minasyan, a genius person to whom I am very grateful. I did not transfer to the piano department, as he awakened a great love for the violin in me” - he said.

To be a real musician, one needs to live and think like a musician, love the instrument and sounds that can tell a lot to the audience. With this in his mind, the diaspora musician has performed in about 52 countries since 1993. He also had many concerts in Armenia, which were always accompanied by a warm welcome for the artist and a good mood of the Armenian audience. The last concert that took place in 2018 was the most impressive.

That was a very good concert in Yerevan, I want everyone to know that I love them very much. On that day, they proved that we can still listen to music” - Samvel said.

Samvel Yervinyan has been collaborating with the world famous Greek musician Yanni for many years. The last concert of the orchestra took place in Mexico City; they have many more concerts planned. They will continue touring as soon as the borders open. In the meantime, the violinist composes in his own studio, not forgetting to play the works of his favorite composer Bach every day.

I continue improving at home but the musician needs to step on stage because that moment, that contact with the audience, communication, sounds provide with completely different emotions. I miss my audience very much, first of all, those in Yerevan” - Samvel said.

Samvel Yervinyan's wife is also a musician, and the eldest son plays percussion instruments. Their family retains their Armenian identity abroad and communicates very closely with local Armenians. He says that he loves and misses everything in Armenia but most of all he misses the people. If the borders were open, he would have come to homeland long ago.