The Armenian school in Minsk has been helping its students to preserve their Armenian identity in a foreign country for 15 years


Fifteen years ago, thanks to the efforts of the Armenian community in Belarus, an Armenian school was opened in Minsk. This is how another unique center was created to preserve the Armenian identity in the diaspora. Today, there are 64 students and 7 teachers in Sunday school. Nune Khachaturyan came to school as a history teacher a year ago.

‘’We have different groups: one preschool, 3 primary, 2 secondary, 1 senior. Students mainly develop the Armenian oral speech, study the Armenian language, patriotism, the history of the Armenian people, national songs and dances’’,-said Nune Khachaturyan.

Students enjoy attending classes, and to avoid stress and stay motivated for attending school on Sundays, teachers conduct lessons through games and surprises. They also watch films, discuss them; there is a discussion club. Nune Khachaturyan assures that they show an individual approach to every child and are very willing to help them preserve their Armenian identity in a foreign country.

‘’In general, school and education, Armenian upbringing in a foreign country play an important role in the preservation of Armenian identity. After all, students who study in Armenian schools in any foreign country today have a mission. They must know, learn, preserve and pass on to the next generations the Armenian history and the Armenian language’’,-she said.

Open lessons are often held at the school; the song and dance ensemble "Nairi" is always the first in various competitions, and they celebrate the Day of the Armenian Army in a special way, telling about the Armenian heroes and their exploits. School principal Gayane Aghajanyan says that, especially a few months ago, during the war, current and former students of the school often asked teachers about the situation at the border and what kind of help was needed.

‘’All holidays and events, in general, everything that happens in Armenia, good and bad news, are immediately transferred to the school. On Sundays, these very topics are discussed during history, language, song lessons. In other words, the topics are mixed’’,- said the Principal of the school.

Many students of the Armenian school in Minsk often visited Armenia within the framework of the "Ari Tun" program. However, the school principal wishes to see even closer cooperation with Armenia so that students can actively participate in various activities and events in their homeland.