The humanitarian aid sent from France has been in one of the warehouses in Yerevan since December


On the Facebook page of the French initiative "Charjoum" it is reported that since December 18, 9 tons of humanitarian aid is still in one of the warehouses in Yerevan. It is still at the stage of customs clearance.

The post says: “From the very beginning of the war, the “Charjoum” initiative, like many other Armenian unions and citizens of Armenia, has shown responsibility and unity towards Artsakh and the Armenian people. You have witnessed it, you have taken part in our initiatives aimed at helping the victims of the war. Today we must condemn actions that interfere with our work.”

The post also says that problems, new and incomprehensible conditions have arisen at the customs that still delay the entry of humanitarian aid into Armenia.

“The country is experiencing one of the largest economic and humanitarian crises in its history, and hundreds of people for whom it is vital are waiting for this aid” - the publication says.

The publication of the “Charjoum” initiative on Facebook caused a great resonance, and many expect the RA government to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Source: charjoum.org