Iran plans to develop economic relations with Armenia. The Iranian-Armenian deputy is in Armenia


Iranian-Armenian deputy of the Iranian parliament Ara Shahverdyan is in Armenia on a work visit. Representatives of about 30 Iranian companies came with him to discuss new economic programs.

Iran is showing interest. We met with the RA Minister of Economy, Mr. Kerobyan, he made a number of promises, and we hope that Iranian companies will be able to invest in Armenia” - Shahverdyan said.

According to Ara Shahverdyan, the creation of new opportunities in the free economic zone of Meghri was discussed, Iran is ready to invest, but they expect mutual support from Armenia.

I hope that there will be new opportunities for economic development in this direction, and relations will develop further” - the deputy noted.

What do the Iranian Armenians think? According to Ara Shahverdyan, the attitude towards Armenia remained the same.

If the Iranian Armenians had economic investments, they worked in the sphere of business, and now they continue their work in the sphere of culture, economy, tourism” - he said.

Amid the epidemic, Armenian schools and cultural centers in Iran continue remaining closed, work is carried out online, the deputy often visits them to learn about problems.

 “The number of our students has decreased. A new approach is needed. Our Diocesan and Educational Council has a new program to make schools mixed: for both boys and girls. It will help us a lot” - Shahverdyan said.

The Iranian-Armenian deputy will stay in Armenia for a week, another delegation from Iran will also arrive in Yerevan, and meetings with deputies of the National Assembly and ministers will take place.