Lecturer, founder of the “Big Mind” training center


Repatriate Hakob Makdis founded a training center in his homeland.

This is Hakob Makdis. He teaches the students of the Academy of Public Administration of Armenia to literate communication. Five years ago, the diaspora lecturer returned from Lebanon to his homeland with many ideas and goals. Hakob is from Urfa, he was born and raised in Syria, studied at the Mekhitarist College, then at the University of Aleppo.

I met a very good young man. I definitely want to mention his name - Vahe Meliksetyan. Vahe was a doctor, he died in the recent war. We were in touch most of the time. He used to tell me: “Hakob, you have good ideas, why don’t you implement them at the homeland?" - the repatriated lecturer told.

In Syria and Lebanon, Hakob has implemented many projects. He says that the Diaspora Armenians do not know much about Armenia, so many are afraid and refuse to move to their homeland. And Hakob proved by his own example that success can be achieved in Armenia. Two years ago he founded the “Big Mind” training center.

Every person should have the ability to think or, to be more precise, the ability to adapt, so that not to get disappointed right away but to move further learning the skills of comprehending thoughts” - Hakob said.

As a coach in body language and non-verbal communication, Hakob Makdis traveled to the regions of Armenia, Artsakh and taught young people life skills. During the war, Hakob and his team actively participated in the information war sharing news and analytics in different languages with the countries of the Middle East.

We have a new idea. We have created a foreign language media Armarabia which is a research center as well.

“Now we want to develop it so that we have a powerful platform that will present the truth to the countries of the Middle East” - he said.

Hakob Makdis is sure that every Armenian should contribute to the development of the homeland. It's time to return and work at the homeland, to fight to the end, despite the difficulties.