‘I am very happy that we do not have misinterpretation in terms of solving PoW issue' – Pashinyan tells Putin in Moscow


Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan says there is no misinterpretation between the leaders of Armenia and Russia in terms of solving the issue of Armenian prisoners of war who are held captive in Azerbaijan.

I want to highlight your contribution to the stabilization of the situation in our region, especially after the war. I want to state that there is a very important issue in this context which is not solved yet. The talk concerns the issue of the prisoners of war, hostages and other detained persons. As we have repeatedly discussed, all hostages, prisoners of war and other detained persons must be returned to homeland according to the November 9 statement. Unfortunately, we still have detained persons in Azerbaijan. I am very happy that we do not have misinterpretation in solving this issue”, Pashinyan said at the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.