ASPU and Ecole Khatchadour Abovian in Marseilles sign MoU


A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between Armenian State Pedagogical University and Ecole Khatchadour Abovian in Marseilles. Over 200 Armenian children from Marseilles attend the college twice a week.

The ASPU Faculty of Philology has held several online meetings with the college specialists, held trainings for them and given methodical instructions and tips for teaching Armenian as a second language.

Pursuant to the MoU, the two educational institutions named after the Great Enlightener will cooperate to promote academic, cultural and educational collaboration. Within the framework of the cooperation, the parties will exchange information, academic materials and publications, strengthen logistics base, invite members of the teaching staff, carry out joint research, develop educational programmes, organize and improve internships, etc.

Greeting the guests, ASPU Rector Ruben Mirzakhanyan noted that in parallel with the increase in the number of colonies measures should be taken to preserve the Armenian language and Armenian culture.

“If we are able to help some children preserve their language and culture we can consider part of our mission fulfilled,” the rector stressed. He advised Principal of the college Karen Khurshudyan to focus on the improvement of teaching the Armenian language, literature and culture. 

The rector stressed that in that context ASPU can be helpful with its teaching methods not only in the field of pedagogy, but also in the field of culture. Mr. Mirzakhanyan also added that the cooperation will yield tangible results and expand over time and the exchange programmes will include only the teaching staff, but also students. 

Karen Khurshudyan thanked Ruben Mirzakhanyan for the readiness to cooperate and spoke about the problems and challenges the college is facing today. The main problem the Armenian educational institution in Marseilles is facing is the preservation of the Armenian identity. In that sense, Mr. Khurshudyan emphasizes the potential of Armenian State Pedagogical University especially in terms of providing methodological support and publications and organizing trainings.

Karen Khurshudyan also spoke about their plans to expand the college and programmes stressing that they need to become stronger in the first place and start by improving the qualities and abilities of the college teachers.

Source: aspu.am