The Soldiers’ Insurance Fund is consistent with each donated penny


Realizing the price paid by the soldier for the peace of the homeland and the secure future of generations, the Soldiers’ Insurance Fund was established in 2017 to provide stable, equal insurance compensation for the welfare of the soldiers and their families who were killed, are missing, become disabled while defending the borders of the homeland.

“The most important goal of the creation was that the compensations should be equal, everyone should receive equally, it should be distributed fairly. It is very important to provide compensation systematically. in the long run, the foundation does just that; once it makes a large compensation of 10 million, then 200-300 thousand drams every month. I call on all our compatriots, whether in Armenia or the Diaspora, if they want to help the families of fallen, disabled or missing soldiers, make a transfer only through the fund,” said Varuzhan Avetikyan.

According to the current legislation, the beneficiaries can be the family members of the killed servicemen; parents, wife and children. As well as servicemen with 1st or 2nd group disabilities. The foundation has now made compensation decisions for about 2,500 beneficiaries. The actual payment was made to about 2,100 people, the rest are in the payment stage.

“The fund provides the compensation process, as you know there were accumulations in the past related to the quantities, but today the problem of those accumulations is solved, as promised, by May we will send all the applications we received by April 1 for payment,” he said. Smbat Saiyan.

There are often inaccuracies in the documents, which take time to make adjustments and then start the process of paying new compensation. You can find out more about compensations, donations, being considered a beneficiary by visiting the “1000plus.am” website, where updates and corrections are made every minute.

“The strong principle of the foundation is transparency, which is visible on its website. By visiting the “1000plus.am” website, on the main page, you can see the funds collected at the moment and the compensations made in all four currencies. The website of the foundation is quite multi-layered, it contains rich information, the news about the foundation, the things to do, the challenges through which fundraising initiatives are organized are regularly published, ”said Narine Galstyan.

The fundraising activities are diverse, but all of them have the same goal: to help the defenders of the homeland.

“We organize at least one event every month to generate additional funds. I want to mention that all our compatriots working in Armenia, Artsakh, have been reimbursing the monthly salary of the foundation since 2017, standing by our heroes and their families. I call on our compatriots in the Diaspora to join this important initiative,” said Sona Baghdasaryan.

Each penny of donations made to the Foundation is exclusively directed to the soldier or his family who died or disabled while defending the borders of the homeland. By donating to the foundation, you ensure the life and health of an Armenian army soldier.