Many Diasporan-Armenians and tourists participated in the “Yerevan Wine Days” festival If not for the woman and the wine


The story of the woman and wine is known by heart here. The smell of Armenian wine was spread on Moskovyan, Tumanyan and Saryan intersections, bringing tourists, Diasporan-Armenians and Arshak II here. It is “Yerevan Wine Days”!

Arshak II is taking photos 

This group of Diasporan-Armenians came to Yerevan from Lebanon and Los Angeles. Some have participated in the wine days again, and now they are trying the novelties that have appeared on the market.

We have just tried the red wine. It was good, it was very tasty, the color was very beautiful, everything was in its place,” said Hrag Khodaverdyan from Los Angeles.

“It is the second time that I have participated in the “Wine Days”. I think the other one was 3 years ago. It is generally good, it has a very wonderful atmosphere. Everyone is happy, a little drunk, but the atmosphere is good,” said Zadig Ounanian, who comes from Lebanon.

Everything is very good; we are very happy. We are participating in the wine festival for the first time,” said one of the Diasporan-Armenians.

After drinking a few glasses of Armenian wine, tourists start speaking Armenian. So far in a few words, but they can show how much they liked the wine, the Armenian hospitality and Armenia.

It is tasty, it is very tasty, serious.

I like to participate in festivals; the food festival, the Dolma festival, and this wine festival,” said Wang Ying from China.

It is very tasty. I love Armenia, Armenia is good.

Everyone here talks about the good taste and aroma of Armenian wine. They joke that the Armenian wine is never too much, the more you drink, the more you want.

There is a lot of wine. It is fantastic. It was a surprise. I mean, it is wonderful to see in Armenia that there is such a good quality wine,” said Andy Golden from the USA.

Armenian hospitality is invincible. You will not find it anywhere else in the world,” said Maria Melnikova, who came to Yerevan from the US.

Armenia is a beautiful country, I love Yerevan. I have been living here for 6 months already. This event did not take place last year, it was very sad. And now we have tried everything,” said Igor Belenka from Russia.

The atmosphere is good, we tried everything, we are happy, we danced, all this is very positive,” said Leona Kondova from Russia.

It is not only the wine that attracts the guests here. At the other end of the street is the 8,000-year-old history of Armenian wine. This is the beginning. First they get acquainted with the history, then they try the wine.

This is the earliest sample on display in our country, dating to the early Kur-Araks period, it is the 4th millennium BC, it is a jar of about 5,000 years old,” said Hayk Gyulamiryan, director of the Wine-History Museum of Armenia.

Yerevan Wine Days were held for the 5th time. This was a communication platform between tourism and winemaking to help the economy.